Does your accounting team have a plan?

Build standard processes in your accounting department (even if you're a solo practioner)

Cannabis is one of the most regulated industries in the US, and it's important to have a game plan to maintain accounting and financial compliance.   


We give you best in class practices to help you get started

Get financial and operational procedures to implement into a business

  • Best Practices in Financial Procedures for a Cannabis Business

  • Feel prepared for operating in an all cash environment

  • Feel confident about the IRS requirements for cannabis businesses

  • Inventory Controls and Best Practices

Get clear on your accounting operations

This best in class operating manual will help you build compliant procedures in your business

    1. Course Downloads

    2. Getting Started with your Operations Manual

    3. Cash Templates

    4. Tailor the Operations Manual to the Regulation

    5. Perform a Business Risk Assessment + Sample Risk Register

    6. Adding in Ethics and a Code of Conduct (Bonus Policy)

    7. Make these IRS Forms Easily Accessible

    1. Cash Management - Templates and Questions

    2. Purchasing Controls & Templates

    1. Employee Training

    2. Internal Audit of Operations

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Hi, I'm Simone Cimiluca-Radzins, CPA.

I made the jump from corporate to cannabis in 2015. As a PwC alumnus, my experience with working in the agriculture, manufacturing, retail, entertainment, and technology industries has been beneficial in cannabis. My tenure in cannabis has led to winning competitive cannabis applications, successful capital raises for cannabis business owners, tax-saving strategies, and best in class business processes. I have experience lobbying on both a local, state and federal level. I'm a published author, speak on best practices in cannabis business around the world, and love talking about cannabis compliance and accounting!

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