What's included in the model

  • Startup Budget with key inputs for a grow model

  • Cultivator Calculator to help you assess harvests and revenue

  • 3 Year Financial Summary that you can use to show business model

  • 280E Cost Calculator on 3 Year Summary

  • Product Mix and Profit Analysis to help you determine wholesale vs. packaged goods for your business

  • Ramp up calculator to help you predict cash flow better

Who this is for:

This is for startups and professionals that want more clarity on the financial health of a cultivation business

  • You're applying for a cultivator license

    You will need to have a financial plan and proforma projections as part of your application process.You are

  • You are seeking funding

    If you're looking for outside investors, you will want to have a financial model that is clear and professional. You a

  • You work with cannabis businesses

    If you need a template to help you build financial projections for cultivators this is for you!

Finance, Compliance, and Industry Expertise

Operating in the industry since 2015

I made the jump from corporate to cannabis in 2015. As a PwC alumnus, my experience with working in the agriculture, manufacturing, retail, entertainment, and technology industries has been beneficial in cannabis. My tenure in cannabis has led to winning competitive cannabis applications, successful capital raises for cannabis business owners, tax-saving strategies, and best in class business processes. I have experience lobbying on both a local, state and federal level. I'm a published author, speak on best practices in cannabis business around the world, and love talking about cannabis compliance and accounting!


  • What's your refund policy?

    All online courses and downloads are non-refundable.

  • Can I use this in google sheets?

    Yes, the file is in excel and you can upload this to google sheets.

  • I'm looking to raise capital, will it help

    This model is designed with investors in mind. It will help you hone in your strategy while also being able to provide investors with something that they can understand.