3 big reasons to jump in

The industry is just starting

  • Massive Growth

    The worldwide market is forecasted to be more than 42 Billion by 2024. 67% of Americans are in support of legalization and thousands of professionals are jumping into the industry.

  • A solution and Revolution

    The plant is saving lives and helps solve some of the world's problems. From better wellness and health options to providing cities and states with more tax revenue and social justice reform.

  • Unparalleled Opportunity

    The emerging industries have tremendous opportunities for advancements in science, sustainability, wellness, advocacy, social change, career fulfillment, and wealth building.

Get a detailed overview of how the industries work

If you've been considering jumping into the cannabis or hemp industries but unsure of where to start or how the industries work, you're not alone. The cannabis and hemp industries are changing all of the time and it's hard to know where to start your search and what to look for. This training will teach you how the cannabis and hemp ecosystem works, the key terms you need to know, an overview of cannabis licenses, the business and personal risks you should consider before jumping in.

What you will learn

  • 1


    • Welcome to the Cannabis Revolution

    • Your Goals

    • Here’s what you can expect

  • 2

    The Benefits of Cannabis Legalization

    • Imagine a Better World

    • Cannabis Trends

  • 3

    The Cannabis Ecosystem

    • How the Cannabis Ecosystem Works

    • Adult use Versus Medical use

    • State Break Down

  • 4

    Cannabis Licenses

    • Cannabis Licenses

    • Cannabis Cultivation

    • Extraction and Manufacturing

    • Transportation and Distribution

    • Retailers

    • Lab Testing

    • Ancillary Providers

  • 5

    Cannabis Applications

    • Start Local

    • Cannabis Licensing and Renewals

    • Common Areas in Cannabis Applications

    • Cannabis Standard Operating Procedures

    • Insurance Requirements

    • The Hardwork starts after the Cannabis Application

    • Cannabis Application, Costs, and Getting Started

  • 6

    Cannabis is still Federally Illegal

    • Cannabis reform and regulation is bringing social justice to the headlines

    • Business Risks

    • Risks of Working in Cannabis

    • The Federal Government's Stance on Cannabis

  • 7


    • What is Hemp?

    • 2018 is the Year for Hemp

    • How Hemp Businesses Work

    • Videos and Resources

    • The FDA

    • Copy of FDA Consumer Resources

  • 8

    Taking Action

    • Start Taking Action

    • End of Course Survey

This training is for you, if...

  • You are looking to learn more about the legal cannabis or hemp industires

  • You are thinking about starting a business in cannabis or hemp

  • You want to build cannabis or hemp into your current service offerings

  • You are thinking about investing in cannabis or hemp

  • You are a government official looking to legalize cannabis

Let's do this

Get the groundwork to start building your roadmap in cannabis and hemp