Accomplish more in 90 Days than you have this past year

  • Learn how to set goals and Key Performance Indicators for your business

  • Learn new techniques in finance and business weekly

  • Build a sales and marketing message that resonates with your audience

  • Learn best practices in time and project management

  • Create a strategic 90 Day Plan for your business

  • Build your sales plan and funnel

  • Upskill your leadership with our mindful entrepreneurship strategies

Training Schedule

  • 1


    • Your Guide through the Accelerator

    • Setting Goals and Key Performance Indicators

    • Your Goals

    • Before we begin...

  • 2


    • Mission and Vision

    • 5 Forces Analysis

    • SWOT Analysis

    • Your Business Playbook

  • 3

    Value Proposition

    • What is your Value Proposition?

    • Customer Segments

  • 4

    Customer Segments

    • Demographics and Psychographics

    • Consumer Buying Habits

    • Building your Customer Profile

  • 5

    Key Resources

    • Gap Analysis

  • 6

    Customer Relationships

    • Customer Relationship Strategy

    • Content that is Engaging

    • Landing Pages

    • Your Onboarding Process

    • Customer-success metrics

  • 7


    • Building your Marketing Plan

    • Marketing Techniques

    • Customer Channels

    • Customer Acquisition

  • 8

    Revenue Streams

    • Revenue Streams

    • Revenue Metrics

    • Pricing Strategies

    • Annual and Lifetime Contract Value

  • 9

    Sales Plan

    • Building your Sales Strategy

    • Building your Sales Plan

    • Sales Process

    • Sales Messaging

    • Tools and technology to help drive sales

  • 10

    Key Partnerships

    • Key Partners

  • 11

    Your 90 Day Sprint

    • Building out Your next 90's

    • Next Steps

Accelerate your business

  • Starting a Business is Hard

    Entrepreneurship is exhilarating, fun, and a challenge. You want to make sure there’s a market fit, you’ve got a handle on your cash flow, and you’ve got a system to scale.

  • Build the Roadmap to Profits

    We will help you build a strategic plan help you understand where you are and where you want to go. We'll guide you through best practices and new ways of doing business.

  • Get Clarity and Support

    Get your questions asked and answered and build a strategic plan for your business. Gain access to tools to level up your expertise and confidently get up to speed on building a profitable business.

Is this program for you?

  • Are you a business owner?

    This program is for you if you will be responsible for building a small business. If you're a solo-preneur, freelancer, or first-time entrepreneur this mentorship will give you guidance and support.

  • Do you want to build the business of your dreams?

    If you're looking for a program that will lift you up, provide you motivation, who have your back to help you build the business of your dreams, it's time to take action!

  • Do you need an accountability partner?

    Everyone needs to be held accountable to achieve goals and ask for advice. In the mentorship program, we will work on achieving one goal together over the course of three months.

Our Testimonials

Great Source of Information

Sami, Mastermind Member

Great source of information and strategies for putting together a compliant canna business model!

Inspired and Motivated

“Inspired and motivated to move forward with my business. I felt validated in my ideas and confident in the strategy I’ve put together!”

Taking our Business to new heights


Simone has been an incredible asset to our young company. She's helped to streamline our processes to get us through our early development phases. Her blog is also really helpful!

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